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BioCell el Skin Whitening Therapy

BioCell el Skin Whitening Therapy

Treatment Time: 1 Hour 40 Minutes

A BioCell el Skin Whitening Therapy with advanced botanical formula enriched with vitamin C, an active lightening agent helps speed the whitening results and improves skin discoloration. This specially formu¬lated treatment effectively helps diminishes and lightens brown spots & pigmentation, improves skin elasticity and delays aging process.

Treatment Feature

  • To remove dead cell, promote cell renewal, whitening and instant radiant effect
  • A whitening ampoule contains fresh vitamin C that stimulates, re-vitalizes and lightens skin complexion
  • To repair sensitive and hypersensitive skin
  • BioCELL el smoothen wrinkled skin
  • Hydro Read – immediate whitening and hydrating effect

Recommended Skin Concern

Pigmentation, dry & wrinkles skin


    • Bearberry Extracts

Brighten/ whiten skin, reduce pigmentation & dull looking skin

  • Biological formula reactive cell metabolism
  • Lighten and smoothen top layer

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