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Melanolysis O2 Therapy

Melanolysis O2 Therapy

Treatment Time: 2 Hours

Melanolysis O2 Therapy helps restore skin radiance and brighten skin complexion, clarifies and evens out the skin tones to reveal a flawless, luscious complexion. Unique ingredients, Perfluorodecalin (PFD) and Aminoguanidine, increase dermal oxygen level to energize and eliminate signs of fatigue. The skin glows with a pure and natural radiance.

Most Effective On:-

  • Restore skin radiance and whiten the complexion
  • Lighten and diminish the dark spot
  • Renewing , oxygenating and whitening
  • Revealing skin smooth and glowing
  • Revitalising and eliminating the dull, fatigue appearance

Treatment Feature

Melanolysis O2 Concentrate wt Aminoguanidine & L-ascorbic Acid

Infused with Aminoguanidine and L-ascorbic Acid, Melanolysis O2 Concentrate lightens the overall skin tone, helps sooth the excess melanin production while minimizing dark spots and age spots, leading to more luminous, transparent skin.

Melanolysis O2 Masque wt Perfluorodecalin (PFD)

This oxygen masque helps purify the skin, providing an even-toned appearance, dewy glow and optimum hydration. Loaded with Perfluorodecalin (PFD), it instantly revives dull, stressed skin by delivering a targeted burst of oxygen, supporting skin regeneration and diminishing the appearance of dark spots

AHA Active Skin Renewal Gel Complex II

The therapeutic properties of AHA Active Skin Renewal Gel Complex II helps reduce wrinkles, impacts on the papillary dermis and reticular dermis that can lead to dermal changes, including synthesis of new collagen and epidermal thickening

Melanolysis O2 Essence Masque wt Apple Stem cell & Black Pearl

A unique blend of Black Pearl and Camu Camu Extract which helps regulate pigmentation and heighten skin’s reflective properties by refining and smoothening skin texture. While Apple Stem Cell progressively rehydrates, nourishes and rejuvenates the skin, leaving the skin soft, smooth and radiantly alive.

Recommended Skin Concern

  • Hyperpigmented skin
  • Uneven skin tone


Melanolysis O2 Concentrate

Lighten the overall skin tone and restore skin radiance, providing you fairer, rosy glowing complexion.
Help reduce the excess melanin production by interfere with pigment synthesis at various oxidative steps of melanin production.

It helps to lighten and minimize dark spots and age spots by interacting with copper ions at the tyrosinase active site and by reducing oxidized dopaquinone, a substance in the melanin synthetic pathway and interrupting DHICA oxidation.

    • L-ascorbic Acid

Vitamin C in the ascorbyl form has been tested extensively and is reported to interfere with pigment synthesis at various oxidative steps of melanin production. It causes skin lightening by interacting with copper ions at the tyrosinase active site and by reducing oxidized dopaquinone, a substrate in the melanin synthetic pathway and interrupting DHICA oxidation. It also acts as an ROS scavenger by donating electrons to neutralize free radicals found in the aqueous compartment of the cell. In addition to skin lightening, it helps improve collagen synthesis for firming, lifting and pore refining effect while providing anti-oxidant protection to prevent the appearance of premature-aging signs.

    • Aminoguanidine

The restless, unbalanced lifestyle creates stressful conditions that raise the level of internal toxin, one of which being glycotoxins. Glycotoxins deregulate the skin’s natural systems responsible for the repair and regeneration processes; consequently, this deregulation contributes to impaired cell functions, tissue disruption, and a flaccid face (signs of urbanised-premature aging).

By supporting specific detoxifying systems, Aminoguanidine can both protect and repair the protein structures (collagen, elastin etc) damaged by glycation (cross-linking of protein). This, along with its abilities to inhibit glycation process during the day, and repair protein structures damaged by glycation during the night, makes it perfect for a 24-hour treatment, to preserve the youth span of the skin. The skin looks prodigiously refreshed, just like after a good night’s sleep. It helps revitalize, re-energize the complexion and eliminate signs of fatigue.

    • Resveratro

It has extraordinary property of prolonging cellular life by 160%, and hence extending the youth span of skin. It protects skin from premature ageing caused by UV rays, pollution and environmental aggressors, by forming a shield against free radicals, while invigorating and energizing the complexion. Also a powerful activator of cellular renewal that redensifies the dermis, skin is firmer, denser and recharged. Lines are smoothed from the inside and facial contours are redefined.

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