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Ultra Rejuvenating Crystallinear Therapy

Ultra Rejuvenating Crystallinear Therapy

Treatment Time: 2 Hours

CRES Ultra Rejuvenation Crystallinear Therapy is a highly effective reversal and therapeutic treatment which combined the mighty energy of the natural crystal and the state-of –the-art nano-technology. It can unblock and activate the lymph nodes, increase the flow of nutrients to the cells, and thus stimulate better and faster cell repair and renewal, leaving skin instantly revitalized and ultra smooth like baby’s skin.

Most Effective On:-

  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Regenerates skin damage
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Nourishing, moisturizing and reveal a brighter & radiant complexion

Treatment Feature

Instant face lift, skin is unbelievably tightened, whitened and hydrated

  • Instant Pore refining
  • Instant Whitening and spot lightening
  • Ultra smooth and radiant complexion
  • Fine lines and wrinkle removing, look instantly younger
  • Ultra hydrating, calming and refreshing
  • Instant face lift, no more puffy face, face look thinner and sharper

Recommended Skin Concern

  • Dry, dehydrated & premature skin
  • Skin that requires intensive moisturizing & firming treatment.
  • Skin that has poor tonicity or sagging.


Crystallinear Treatment Core Essence

Using top grading natural quartz crystal with different level of mineral contents based on different skin condition requirement.

Experiencing the pleasure very relaxing and enchanting therapeutic Chakra Massage. Its main function is to unblock and stimulate lymph nodes, increase blood circulation to allow more oxygen and nutrients to the body’s organs; it stimulates the release of endorphins to remove and soften tension and stress of the body and mind.

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