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Award Winning - Functional Beauty

CRES wellness is not just an ordinary salon. Every minor step we take, everything we do has its purpose. Our salons uphold functional beauty to take our aesthetics to the next level. From cleansing to massages, our procedures are many times more effective. In our salons, we also incorporated the latest technology, such as Cryo - E energy and Photon Tech to deliver the best results to our customers.

Armed with high beauty skills and an abundance of knowledge, the aestheticians of CRES are well trained to provide you with consultation and advice suited to your needs. In a soothing and relaxing environment, both our staff and customers will be able to experience the great ambience and comfortably work hand in hand towards the next level of beauty.

Eager, we have several strongly recommended treatments that we would like to share with everyone who visited CRES wellness, including :

FNC -60


Lipo Cavitation


Placenta Infusion Treatment

V-Hydroxy -II Brightening System

U2 Therapy

Mineral Crystallite DDS therapy


Aquacell Yoga Visage

Quantum D-tox Therapy

Crystallinear Therapy

Plotox Micro Facelift