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About us

Since establishing in 2002, CRES constantly evolves to satisfy beauty needs of the generation.  We embark the mission of helping urbanized women to bring out their best by helping them to achieve their ultimate expression, namely Confidence, Relax, Elegance and Sophistication. 

What is Functional Beauty Treatment?

Treatments performed by using precise apparatus and equipment, combining with hand skill and bio-active skin care to deliver noticeable results.

How CRES is different?

1. We constantly upgrade our centres with the latest beauty apparatus and equipment

2. Our treatments have been extensively tested and biological safe. Clean, safe and result are three corner stones of the products chosen to be used in our centres.  

3.  Our treatments focus more than one time result. We focus on beauty sustainability. 

4, We ensure our centres always hygiene, pleasant and fresh for you. 

CRES’s aim is for each women to attain the ultimate end


Our exceptionally skilled aestheticians personalize every functional beauty treatment to suit your individual needs and concerns.


We provide cost effective full or partial body slimming and firming programs.