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April 2021 Promotions

Begin the year with a strong start! We have exciting a new treatment to help you to kick start the new year.

What's new? 

1. Couple Pack

Mama, every moment with you is precious.
Every moment with you is priceless.
That’s why every moment with you is my life’s timeless.

Celebrate each moment with mama!

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2. CRES Ladies Card Program : Renewal    

Our very own CRES Ladies Card Program is here to fulfill beauty wishes while giving you a pampering experience at the spa. After joining this program, you can enjoy various perks and discounts even on your birthday!

This year we will be bringing new gifts and freebies worth up to RM3000 for both new and returning CRES Ladies to enjoy!

What does this program have? CLICK HERE  to find out.


3. Unlimited Pass for the CRES Ladies to enjoy.

To find out more about this unlimited pass CLICK HERE