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Loving Couple Pack

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Our hearts beats for you,
Would you love us too?

With a gentle touch and the twinkle of the COUPLE PACK will make your heart skip a beat. Moreover, they can be your companions on your skincare journey. 


1. The youthful First Date

“Would you like to stay for a cup of tea with me?”
Make any day a first date with our First Date Reversal Set. No matter who you are or what your age, it can make your date feel as if it’s your first.

This pair can help you erase your wrinkles and help you restore your skin to its golden years. By strengthening the skin barrier, this pair can protect your skin from environmental harm. The energetic duo rejuvenates the skin to get the metabolism up.

2. Create the right flow with Valentine's Hydration Set

One drop, two drops and three
You are all I see

Our next couple is here to provide you with the necessary moisture. Light on their feet, the valentino pair can keep your skin hydrated all day long. Being light, you can count on them to swiftly reinforce your skin's natural barrier while guarding your skin against the dryness.

Say hello to a refreshing skin and goodbye to the persisting itchiness and tightness.


3. Let the Cupid's Nourishing Set paint your skincare Canvas

Like a canvas, paint your skincare routine with the colours of the rainbow. From the depths of the hydrating lipids to the outer protective shield of your skin, this pair can turn your monotonous skincare up a beat!

Bring the soothing Cupid's Nourishing Set to help you get through every parts of your life! In the office, this couple can keep your skin free of the itchy and dry air-conditioned room. As you get ready for the day, this set can both nourish the skin and help set your makeup. 

Being talented and skilled, the antioxidant packed couple is here to also clear off the dirt and impurities while evening out your skin tone.


4. Goonight, My Darling, Let us brighten your day with Goodnight, My Darling, Brightening Set.

Goodnight, My Darling. Let the twinkle of the stars brighten your dreams.

The twinkle in this couple helps the skin to get its youthful renewal. By correcting skin discolouration and promote recovery,  MA18 and Super Antioxidant Oil Serum can help your skin to unleash its magical shine. 

By protecting the skin and lightening the wrinkles, they will be able to turn your skin into its shining glory. Dedicated to their roles, they will become the guardian of your sleep. Use them at night and see the difference.


5. A Kiss, A Hug, from us, by "Eskimo's Kiss" Blackhead Removal Set

Ouch. Are you okay? Don't worry, let us protect you!

Forget the picking, forget the poking, with the "Eskimo's Kiss" Blackhead Removal set, you don't have to be affected by the nitties. With just a little touch, the gentle and earnest pair will keep your skin safe.

The Skin Action Sebum Gel is here to gently help you thoroughly sweep off the stubborn sebum and dirt without putting pain on your skin. Like a gentle hug, the calm and soothing Total Day Time Protection 30 will be there to watch over and protect your skin from external harm. 


With us, you are no longer alone! We will be here to provide you with warmth and love to fill your month.


"Would you like to have
tea with us?"