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Enjoy these body therapies without limits when you participate our CRES Ladies Program! From your cycle to slimming, we have a few to share with you!


"The New Normal, Healthier You is Our Mission"



To get that ideal body can be very simple! A technology that originated from Korea, the cryolipolysis incorporates the advanced Lipozero and Cool shaping to be rid of the fat cells at a low temperature and give you that body figure of your dreams. Furthermore, the results will be visible after attending 3 session!

Through this therapy, you can experience two times the effect from 2 different kinds of machines! 

The Cryofit Therapy will provide you with a 15 minutes of Lipozero along with 45 minutes of Cool Shaping in order to remove those saggy loose skin and stubborn fat. Moreover, you will be able to return to your daily routines right after having this treatment.

*This therapy is available at our SEREMBAN outlet only.



A trip to the spa during your summer vacation is the icing to the cake this summer season. Give yourself a bodily experience with these out-of-body deals! This therapy helps you to relieve your lady worries. Here's how

Benefits ( Healthier Cycle ) :

  1. Regulates menstruation
  2. Reduces Menstrual Pain
  3. Prevents menstrual cramps
  4. Reduces Menopause Symptoms

Benefits ( Healthier Bust ) :

  1. Improves uneven breasts
  2. Promotes blood circulation
  3. Improves elasticity and firmness of the breasts



The High-tech treatment is non-invasive, meaning it will not disrupt the surface layer of your skin to reach those stubborn fat cells. It does it by stimulating your own body’s metabolism to burn off those cells. To reduce the toxins and water retention within the body, the therapy also kicks the blood circulation and lymphatic circulation up a notch.

Equipped with sharp precision, the Lipozero Therapy only targets your fat cells so you do not have to worry about getting any scars from it or even affecting your lifestyle.