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MMFU Face Firming, Lifting & Tightening

Elevate your radiance with Cres's revolutionary 7th Generation Macro-Micro-Focus-Ultrasound (MMFU) Skin Empowerment Therapy. This trailblazing, non-invasive procedure is your secret to activating collagen synthesis and fortifying the SMAS layer, bestowing your skin with unparalleled firmness, lift, and sleekness. Beyond merely diminishing fine lines, it’s a bespoke journey to your most youthful and vibrant self, meticulously tailored by our expert skin artisans following an in-depth skin consultation. Embrace your unique beauty transformation. Reserve your exclusive session now and witness the magic firsthand. *First Trial is for new customers only. **New customers entitled to one first trial, regardless which treatment they choose.

  • 1 h
  • From 389 Malaysian ringgits

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